Machine dimensions Length 800 mm
Width 600 mm
Height 2.300 mm
Water tank dimensions Length 3.000 mm
Width 1.250 mm
Height 1.000 mm
No. of filtrating columns 1
Water tank 3.750 l approx.
Net weight 120 Kg
No. of agitators 2


At Filtraglass we manufacture water filtration systems for all types of glass industries, thus covering a wide sector including the optical and automotive industries and the transformation of flat glass in general. The function of our machines is to filter and extract the particles of glass that are found in the water used in glass treatment processes, thus obtaining clean, reusable water on one hand and dry, recyclable solid waste on the other.

We currently manufacture various models of machines, which each have a different number of filtration columns and length. Each system consists of a stainless steel chassis that contains a pressure cylinder with one or several filtration columns inside it and a control panel, a pump that allows water to circulate and a tank divided into two sections. Furthermore, all Filtraglass systems, when the appropriate modifications are applied, are capable of providing optimal quality water for use in the spindles of CNC machines and insulated glazing glass seaming machines.

  • Closed loop water circuit
  • Recycling of 100% of the treated water
  • Reduction in consumption of water and cutting oil
  • Reduction of maintenance costs
  • Obtaining of dry waste
  • Improvement of the geometric quality
  • Improvement of the final finish
  • Treated water that is suitable for CNC machine spindles
  • Decrease of breakages in production
  • Respect for the environment
  • 100% recyclable inorganic waste
  • Increase of the useful life of the machines
  • Increase of the cutting speed
  • Better performance of the diamond grinding wheels
  • No stoppages in the production line

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